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God has blessed us with many talented and gifted people and this is the page where you can enjoy these talents. It will include poetry, songs, photos, art and much more. We hope it will be a blessing to you.


Check out a Poem written by Rev. Dr. Kevin Hocking for the Mens Fellowship Day in RFA Walsall.



It’s Men’s Fellowship Day and I’ve knocked up this rhyme,

So let me just name you the team;

I think that you know who we actually are,

But ARE we all quite what we seem?


Well we’ll start off with Errol – who’s Longrin by name

And is actually quite good at singing;

He may seem a bit quiet, but he’ll keep it in tune

And you’ll hear all the words that he’s bringing!


Next there’s Ronaldo – a star in the making,

Yet he’s still just a baby in Christ!

His passion is clear, for the Lord AND His Word,

He’s the gentlest of giants and so nice!


And what about Edward? – Brother Pryce I should say,

So patient and humble and kind;

His love for the Word and his knowledge and grace,

Are gifts that in him you will find!


But how about Lancelot; the man with the Keise?

And as well as work hard, he can DANCE!

He puts in the time to make sure things run smooth,

YEP; the first RFA Deacon was LANCE!


Can’t forget Carl, who LOVES talking about JESUS,

And who’s keen to spend time in The WORD;

Plus his RFA clothes shop promotes us as well

And he’s dad now again, so I’ve heard!


His brother is Matthew, whose name may be Baker,

But perhaps should be DRIVER instead;

He loves to be there for the preaching each week,

And on friends BROUGHT, he is clearly ahead!


And now there is Wes, on acoustic guitar,

Adding much to our worship and praise;

His wisdom and knowledge as given by God,

Have at times come in just the right place!


Then on keyboards and rap, there is Matthew of course,

I think he JUST counts as a member!

Another with masses of talent for God,

And he WILL be a man in December!


Which brings us to Mark – the Reverend Pearce,

The Pastor’s assistant in Walsall;

His anointing keeps pushing him on to new levels,

And his PREACHING just lately’s been awesome!


Now the Reverend Newland, what a blessing it is,

To have HIM here, as Leader and Pastor;

For so many years, a most wonderful preacher

And whose ministry just grows ever faster!


There’s people and churches all over the world,

Who would love to take Bishop away;

But he’s still here in Walsall and building God’s church,

Hip Hip; Hip Hip; and Hooray!!


OOPS, nearly forgot, there’s me here as well!

The Reverend Hocking I am!

I’m Dean of the College – well, for a couple more weeks,

And with God’s HELP, I just DO what I can!


Well I hope I’ve not left any gentlemen out,

‘cause I’ve come to the end of my rhyme;

A brief introduction to Walsall MF,

I won’t TAKE any more of your time!




RFA Walsall 2nd year Anniversary